adorable kiddos [Lafayette,Indiana child,family photography]

these children were so much fun to photograph. the boy was well, being a boy, finding all kinds of sticks to use as swords and wanting to climb every tree in sight. his little sister always smiled like a princess and was showering him with hugs and kisses.

I absolutely LOVE this picture (above).. would totally blow it up big. I love how big brother is protecting her in such a loving way. again.. why I love my job.. I get to *see* this kinda thing happening all the time!!

and the littlest of the three... so adorable with her little dimples. At 10 months old, she was wanting to be on the move.. so I caught lots of candid "action" shots of her... lol. Once I placed her in this basket, she was so content and all smiles! mom, there are lots more of this cute pie.

and here is one, that just speaks to the heart. While I got some of mom and her kids, this is special b/c we pulled in Grandma into a couple of shots. Here she is with her darling daughter and her grandchildren.
and so while I will always try and get a few 'formal' , everybody looking at the camera, kind of shots... I still love the candids best.. the ones like this where you can just "get a little more" out of the picture. Like see the little guy's twinkle? yeah... he is up to something... and the baby shows she is at that curious stage..

anyway, I hope you like your sneak peek, there are many more I can't wait for you to see! Thanks again for letting me capture your family's photos!


the C family sneak peek! [ Lafayette, Indiana family, child photography]

I so much fun with this family. They were a referral and I am super glad that I got to meet them and capture the love they share for one another. I can hardly call what I do work.. lol
because I absolutely *love* taking pictures and meeting new people! I am so privileged to be able to witness the interactions that go on within a family. seriously.. look at this mom and dad.. So CUTE!!

you can see where the two little ones get it from. Maybe we can set up a special time for Miss M to have her 2 yr old pictures taken. ..=)

Thanks for trusting me to take your family photos this year. I hope you like them!!


sweet baby M [West Lafayette, Indiana, baby Photography]

this is about the age (2 months) that I looked at my own Tatum, and thought she looked like a living doll. This guy is the absolute sweetest!! I love those BIG beautiful eyes!

I hope this will be a special picture for you to send out.. (and a little keepsake for yourselves. and for him to see many years from now!) You are such a gift to this little guy ! (and of course he is an enormous blessing to your family as well !)

Thanks again for asking me to capture this time in his life. I look forward to watching him grow!


the H family [Lafayette, IN Family,Child Photography]

The mom here was a old(yes, I can say old, when you've been out as long as we have! LOL) high school friend of mine. She had seen my work on Facebook, and I was thrilled when she asked me to take her family pictures. It had been many , many years, and it was so fun to see meet her adorable little family. These two special boys are true blessings to their family. this baby of hers... gosh.. I could just eat him up!! LOL...
I love seeing moms love on their babes...

and am I right people? he is like a living doll. so, so cute!

and this is big brother.. Mr. M.. who is all of two....

this may be strange to some of you.. but I just love the emotion that is jumping off of this image. its totally a picture of their little family.. the two year old has a look of questioning, confusion, hmmm.. isn't that what 2 yr olds are all about?, and the little guy.. just those blank stares as they take in the world around them.. and then mom and dad.. grinning from ear to ear because of the joy that these little boys bring them.... the time in their lives captured in a single shot!

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek, and I have so many, many more images, that I hope you will love as much as I did!! thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you!


tiny Miss G [Lafayette, Indiana Newborn Photography]

this itty bitty 13 day old sweetie pie only slept for about 2.5 seconds during our session! While I don't mind at all when babies fuss... I am super glad that this one was, and that I caught her mama trying to calm her down with a quiet 'shhhhhh'.. LOVE IT!!!
she was fighting going to sleep for awhile. Thanks for your patience C, and your willingness to try out new poses, even if little Miss G had other ideas. We'll get her next time =)

and these beautiful big eyes, just like her big brother and sister could just melt you!!

And thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to create a birth announcement for you. I am so happy that you liked it!


precious little one[Lafayette, Indiana Newborn Photography]

I had a blast taking pictures of this sweet little girl. and yes, she was itty bitty. unfortunately she was a little to big to try out my newest fall prop.. oh well, thanks for letting my try it out!!
This tiny one's mama is a friend from college, and I was super excited to get to be able to capture these precious moments of her first child. It will go by fast, so I am so happy that we got all these tiny parts. I have a collage for you too =)

love the baby belly!!

couldn't resist a newborn yawn...

and I have lots and lots more! Miss A is just too cute, and I couldn't stop snapping away.. lol
Talk to you soon !


an urban *sneak peek*[Lafayette, Indiana, family and child photography]

is this the picture perfect family or what??
when she told me what the color scheme/ outfit theme was going to be.. I just knew downtown would be an awesome backdrop for this session. Great choosing mom!

Mom and Dad... now , when was the last time you had your picture taken?
(and I have a few more to share too..)

this one needs to be big on a wall somewhere....

and these kids have the BEST personalities... I asked for silly... and I got silly....
I am just guessing that there is not a lot of quiet in this household.
if my sessions with these kiddos are any indication of what life is like..I'd say it is full of laughter!
This gave me a glimpse as to what life will be like in a few years, with my own Tatum in the middle of two brothers. so FUN! !
I seriously have about 20 more I could have shared here as a sneak peek--
thanks for giving me the opportunity to create something special for this special time in your lives.
We'll chat soon about some card/collage ideas I have too !

a mama and her kids[Lafayette, Indiana child, family photography]

a gem for my camera.... these are two of the sweetest , mild manored kids I have photographed in awhile.... or maybe its just because their mama bribed them with ice cream? LOL
love the interaction between this mom and her babes. It is such a treat for me to capture these tender moments during a session..

And even with the solemn faces... this one just is filled with so much emotion.. LOVE it!!

and one of mom alone... isn't she GORGEOUS?!!!!

and this is my absolute FAVorite!!!
thanks for letting me capture these for you T !


two brothers "B" [Lafayette, Indiana Baby, Child Photography]

would you look at these handsome guys? they have two adorable sisters too, but we just had a 'boys' session this time. The little one is on the move, not wanting to stay put for long..
Big brother is all proud.. and little brother , is like, ok, I have been still for 2 seconds and this is no fun!! LOL... so all the kids look so much a like, yet all grow into having their own unique bit to them too. I am curious who little man will favor as he continues to grow.....

Little H was much more in his element exploring the grounds

not sure which I like better.... color or B/W.....

Thanks so much for letting me take pictures of your boys! Next time we'll have a girly session !!