2009 Information

Sitting Fee $25.00

I will spend 1-3 yours with you per session. This includes time at your home or a nearby location of your choice. I have some fabulous spots in mind, if traveling a short distance is comfortable for you. Payment is due upon completion of photo session.


I will have edited proofs of your session available to you in 10-14 days. Proofs may be viewed online at ellemiphotographyproofs.blogspot.com. Images will be done in color, and enhanced or converted to B/W, if I feel it fits the picture.

Prints may be ordered for up to one year from session date and from any session.

Orders may be sold with either a luster or glossy finish, however luster is advised in most cases.

Finishes can not be combined and separate orders must be placed, if desired.

Payment must be received at time of order. Some allowances may be made. Contact me to make arrangements.

There is no charge for converting the pictures to black/white, sepia tone, vintage, or 'faded' color.

Prints will be available 2-3 weeks from final order placement*

*(Due to outsourcing to a high quality professional printer, some circumstances could arise that are out of my control which could delay your order)

There is a $6 shipping charge for all standard orders.

Maternity/Newborn Session

This is the time to capture the miracle happening in your life. At any point in your pregnancy, you may book a session. If you wish to have a 'miracle in progress', captured, you may choose between 2 different maternity sessions for a one time sitting fee of $30. OR your may wish to have one maternity session, followed by a newborn session(within your baby's first 2-3 weeks is best) for a one time sitting fee of $40. Payment is due at the first session .

"Watch Me Grow" Baby Plan

There will be a one time sitting fee of $45 due at the first session. Sessions include three, six, nine, and twelve month photo shoots. (1) One 5x7 and (1) one set of wallets (8) will be included for each session.

Memory Keeper Savings Plan

This is a great option, for those who wish to keep up with the ever changing times in your family's lives. Children grow so much in such a short time; you'll want to capture those changes and special times with several sessions throughout the year. For a one time sitting fee of $45, you may have up to four sessions during a one year period. Fee must be paid during first session.

Things To Remember

Setting your appointment- Please contact me at least two weeks before your desired date for your photo session.

Once we agree on a date, time, and location, we can discuss any certain requests you have regarding types of images you would like for me to achieve. Your sitting fee allows for 1-3 hours of my time, but things will go more smoothly, if you have props and change of clothes nearby.

Babies and Children- These wee ones, are special indeed, and I want to capture them at their best! When scheduling for a child's session, please consider their naps and meal times. Children do best with full bellies and rested bodies. During a newborn session, we can certainly take some time if needed to nurse a baby or cuddle them back to sleep. As a mom, I understand a child's moods, needs, and attention spans. You may want to bring along a favorite toy, snack or drink. If necessary, we can take a small break during your session.

Cancelling a Session- If you need to cancel, please call me within 2-3 hours prior to your session.

What to Wear- Dress comfortably for your session. For group sessions, coordinating colors work best, rather than 'matchy' outfits. Bright colors in solids or stripes photograph great for individuals! Darker colors such as khaki, and denim blue also show well. Unless it speaks directly to the personality of the person or scene, try to avoid clothing with characters and logos. They tend to be distracting.

Model Release Form- This is a binding agreement between yourself and Elle Mi Photography regarding the use of any or all photographs for marketing uses both in print and on the web.

Copy Right Release- Please respect the time and talent of Elle Mi Photography, and do not in anyway, duplicate any online or print image. Upon payment and written consent, you may obtain a copy right release form.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


thirteen days old

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture the newness of your precious little girl. It was truly a delight spending the morning with you.


baby parts

I am just giddy over these tiny bits...

sweet innocence

Thank you for your patience..I hope you enjoy these, as much as I had taking them. Your children are such dolls, and I even stole a few pics of Mr.N when he thought I wasn't looking!! =).


a boy and a girl

I really had a lot of fun with this family. It was hard to capture this energetic little guy, but I think what I was able to get, shows his on -the- go personality at two. His sweet 4 month old sister was a camera magnet.
I'll have session #2 up later today! thanks!!