{drumroll please.....}

introducing the website!!!

Its been a long time coming, and actually been live for about a week, but I having some photog friends put the finishing touches.. ahem .. critiques on it!!

its all ready to go and I hope you find it informative, easy to navigate and full of beautiful images!
so turn the music up (or if you're like my husband and hate site music, feel free to turn it off. lol), sit back and take a look around.

I am now booking sessions for February and beyond.. there is something coming up in March that I am super pumped about! Watch for details on this exciting event.

Feel free to leave me a comment , I'd love to hear what you think!


Welcome 2010 ~~

I can't believe we are in to a new decade! WOW!!
Last year was full of so many special times for our family, with the highlight being the arrival of our precious Beckham Augustine. I hope your family experienced some treasured moments as well.. no doubt they are constantly occurring. That is what life is all about right? Finding the joy in spending times with loved ones... and I am so excited to be able to capture and freeze some of that time thru my art.
As you can see I have changed up my look to the ol' blog. I have been working on some fun things to unveil with my business and this is one of them. I big shout out to my sweet friend Kristina for using her talent to give me a super cute look!

I can't wait to share with you my brand new website! Been working on it for awhile now, and its just about finished! Check back here often to see when it is launched!

My business had amazing success in 2009, and much of that is thanks to all of the fantastic support that I have had from all of you ! Sessions are already booked for this month, so if you are thinking about booking something, contact me soon!
If you didn't send out Christmas cards (or even if you did ..lol =), Valentine's Day is a great time to send out updated pics of your children. Just something to think about.....

Happy Blessings for you and your family in the new year!


sneak peek for the W family [Lafayette, Indiana family,child photography]

so I think I say this every time, I post.. but seriously.. I *LOVE* my job. well.. we all know that my first (full -time) job is being at home with my 3 littles.. but when I get the chance.. and lately it has been quite frequently, I have the privilege of capturing the beauty in families. is this family full of it or what? Beauty that is !!!
I was thrilled to be able to take pictures of my college roommate's family. It had been a couple of years since I had seen her little ones and they are just so stinkin cute!

I'd say Dad is going to have a hard time when that first boy comes a callin'... say when Miss H is around 30??

Everyone was so photogenic, and they were such troopers as it was FREEZING during our session. You can't tell the kids were shivering can you?

and then I bribed them with candy, towards the end of the session. LOL
Here is just one, b/c I have so very many more to go thru and edit...

and then mom pulled out the hats. Oh. My. Word.
this is just a peek....

I'll have to share some more from this session. and a funny story too...
so stay tuned for part two.
It was so fun hanging out and eating the (terrible, in my husband's words) food at lunch! I actually quite enjoyed my candy shoppe lunch and I KNOW the kids all loved their special treats!


sneak peek for the Mc Family [Lafayette Indiana, family photography]

I absolutely lOVE the color scheme they showed up. So perfect for the end of fall colors.
what we didn't find still on the trees, we made up for on the ground. This family was so much fun to play with.

always like to get one of mama and child... this is just so sweet. I've got a couple more too, that show that tender bond between the two of you =)

and Mr. J... soon to be a senior... looking forward to your own session this spring!

can you say GORGEOUS! love that mom and dad were willing for a pic of just 'them'
thanks so much for asking me to take your family's pictures.I'll have some card samples as well as the rest of your proofs up soon!


adorable kiddos [Lafayette,Indiana child,family photography]

these children were so much fun to photograph. the boy was well, being a boy, finding all kinds of sticks to use as swords and wanting to climb every tree in sight. his little sister always smiled like a princess and was showering him with hugs and kisses.

I absolutely LOVE this picture (above).. would totally blow it up big. I love how big brother is protecting her in such a loving way. again.. why I love my job.. I get to *see* this kinda thing happening all the time!!

and the littlest of the three... so adorable with her little dimples. At 10 months old, she was wanting to be on the move.. so I caught lots of candid "action" shots of her... lol. Once I placed her in this basket, she was so content and all smiles! mom, there are lots more of this cute pie.

and here is one, that just speaks to the heart. While I got some of mom and her kids, this is special b/c we pulled in Grandma into a couple of shots. Here she is with her darling daughter and her grandchildren.
and so while I will always try and get a few 'formal' , everybody looking at the camera, kind of shots... I still love the candids best.. the ones like this where you can just "get a little more" out of the picture. Like see the little guy's twinkle? yeah... he is up to something... and the baby shows she is at that curious stage..

anyway, I hope you like your sneak peek, there are many more I can't wait for you to see! Thanks again for letting me capture your family's photos!


the C family sneak peek! [ Lafayette, Indiana family, child photography]

I so much fun with this family. They were a referral and I am super glad that I got to meet them and capture the love they share for one another. I can hardly call what I do work.. lol
because I absolutely *love* taking pictures and meeting new people! I am so privileged to be able to witness the interactions that go on within a family. seriously.. look at this mom and dad.. So CUTE!!

you can see where the two little ones get it from. Maybe we can set up a special time for Miss M to have her 2 yr old pictures taken. ..=)

Thanks for trusting me to take your family photos this year. I hope you like them!!


sweet baby M [West Lafayette, Indiana, baby Photography]

this is about the age (2 months) that I looked at my own Tatum, and thought she looked like a living doll. This guy is the absolute sweetest!! I love those BIG beautiful eyes!

I hope this will be a special picture for you to send out.. (and a little keepsake for yourselves. and for him to see many years from now!) You are such a gift to this little guy ! (and of course he is an enormous blessing to your family as well !)

Thanks again for asking me to capture this time in his life. I look forward to watching him grow!