adorable kiddos [Lafayette,Indiana child,family photography]

these children were so much fun to photograph. the boy was well, being a boy, finding all kinds of sticks to use as swords and wanting to climb every tree in sight. his little sister always smiled like a princess and was showering him with hugs and kisses.

I absolutely LOVE this picture (above).. would totally blow it up big. I love how big brother is protecting her in such a loving way. again.. why I love my job.. I get to *see* this kinda thing happening all the time!!

and the littlest of the three... so adorable with her little dimples. At 10 months old, she was wanting to be on the move.. so I caught lots of candid "action" shots of her... lol. Once I placed her in this basket, she was so content and all smiles! mom, there are lots more of this cute pie.

and here is one, that just speaks to the heart. While I got some of mom and her kids, this is special b/c we pulled in Grandma into a couple of shots. Here she is with her darling daughter and her grandchildren.
and so while I will always try and get a few 'formal' , everybody looking at the camera, kind of shots... I still love the candids best.. the ones like this where you can just "get a little more" out of the picture. Like see the little guy's twinkle? yeah... he is up to something... and the baby shows she is at that curious stage..

anyway, I hope you like your sneak peek, there are many more I can't wait for you to see! Thanks again for letting me capture your family's photos!

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