last minute gift idea...

What is better than a gift that will help capture those ever fleeting memories of your family?
This could be a great stocking stuffer for a mom who just had a new baby.... or for that husband who just can't think of the right thing to by his mom?(grandparents LOVE pictures of their grandchildren!)
Certificates can be bought starting at $25.00 and in $10.00 increments after that.
Email me at ellemiphotography@gmail.com to get yours today!!


need a unique gift idea? [Lafayette, Indiana Photography]

these adorable pendants can be yours for only $35.00!! If you have had a photo session with me, then just let me know which picture you want to use..... up to 6 people will look good!
tiles are custom made by my friend Heather
orders your's today... but hurry, if you want it in time for Christmas!!