tiny Miss G [Lafayette, Indiana Newborn Photography]

this itty bitty 13 day old sweetie pie only slept for about 2.5 seconds during our session! While I don't mind at all when babies fuss... I am super glad that this one was, and that I caught her mama trying to calm her down with a quiet 'shhhhhh'.. LOVE IT!!!
she was fighting going to sleep for awhile. Thanks for your patience C, and your willingness to try out new poses, even if little Miss G had other ideas. We'll get her next time =)

and these beautiful big eyes, just like her big brother and sister could just melt you!!

And thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to create a birth announcement for you. I am so happy that you liked it!

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Heather Crawford said...

Ummm, that second one? Looks like an ad!! Perfect crop on that one!!