an urban *sneak peek*[Lafayette, Indiana, family and child photography]

is this the picture perfect family or what??
when she told me what the color scheme/ outfit theme was going to be.. I just knew downtown would be an awesome backdrop for this session. Great choosing mom!

Mom and Dad... now , when was the last time you had your picture taken?
(and I have a few more to share too..)

this one needs to be big on a wall somewhere....

and these kids have the BEST personalities... I asked for silly... and I got silly....
I am just guessing that there is not a lot of quiet in this household.
if my sessions with these kiddos are any indication of what life is like..I'd say it is full of laughter!
This gave me a glimpse as to what life will be like in a few years, with my own Tatum in the middle of two brothers. so FUN! !
I seriously have about 20 more I could have shared here as a sneak peek--
thanks for giving me the opportunity to create something special for this special time in your lives.
We'll chat soon about some card/collage ideas I have too !

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Heather Crawford said...

These are Grrrrrrrreat, E!!!

Heather Crawford said...

LOVE all of these! Great crops! and what cute kid with such personality..love how they all dressed!