Welcome 2010 ~~

I can't believe we are in to a new decade! WOW!!
Last year was full of so many special times for our family, with the highlight being the arrival of our precious Beckham Augustine. I hope your family experienced some treasured moments as well.. no doubt they are constantly occurring. That is what life is all about right? Finding the joy in spending times with loved ones... and I am so excited to be able to capture and freeze some of that time thru my art.
As you can see I have changed up my look to the ol' blog. I have been working on some fun things to unveil with my business and this is one of them. I big shout out to my sweet friend Kristina for using her talent to give me a super cute look!

I can't wait to share with you my brand new website! Been working on it for awhile now, and its just about finished! Check back here often to see when it is launched!

My business had amazing success in 2009, and much of that is thanks to all of the fantastic support that I have had from all of you ! Sessions are already booked for this month, so if you are thinking about booking something, contact me soon!
If you didn't send out Christmas cards (or even if you did ..lol =), Valentine's Day is a great time to send out updated pics of your children. Just something to think about.....

Happy Blessings for you and your family in the new year!

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