brother/sister sneak peak # 1 [Lafayette, Indiana, Child Photography]

well, I was hoping to get lots of these two adorable kiddos, but what started out as a cool session, in the shade... quickly turned to a blazing hot time in direct sun!! Though I love the little ones, two year olds certainly give me a run for my money.. ( I should , know.. I have one =)
I managed to snag a couple of this little man.. but his sister was much more "in" to the camera!
Here are just a few for now....
M- Thanks for letting me borrow your kids.. hope you like them!
and in celebration of my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, hitting 100 fans,
I have offering a free session and one free print (8x10 or smaller) to the first three people that leave me a comment here.....
You all rock.. thanks for supporting me and my business.
and its not too late,
if you have not become a fan.. get yourself over there and do it!!

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The Rock Star said...


I do not want a free session, but I am curious to see if I would have gotten one had I wanted it... ;)

The Rock Star said...

Or do I want a free photo? I have never done a photo shoot... Geeze. I will talk to you about it on Sunday! :)