and he is off!!

my first born babe, is off to school!Here is Mr. B on his first day of kindergarten.
I have to say, I was a bit nervous for him to ride the bus, but I knew that I would be only holding him back, if I put my insecurities ahead of what could be a great experience for him.
I should have known, he would love it.
And as far as school... he was born for it! My little man has always been eager to learn. In fact at his recent birthday party, he spent more time with the 1st grade reader books and the doodle pads ,than he did the other toys he received as gifts!
I know he is going to do GREAT! I am not a cryer, so I wasn't expecting that I would be sobbing at the bus stop. However, I did find myself missing the extra energy usually found around our house. It is going to be quiet during the days from now on.
After the first day, I have realized that I can get quite used to the peace and quiet. I know that he is in good hands and that God will protect him. I also believe that he will be having a blast each day as he learns new things and makes new friendships.
So far his, favorite thing is lunch.. LOL
I am looking forward to the extra special time that I can spend with my two younger babes.
(and spend on my photography =)

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